My First Marathon

My First Marathon

I've been running ever since I was young, but I never gained the courage to join in a marathon. Not until I reached the age of 25, that I took the challenge to join. It was the 33rd Milo Marathon and I'll be running for the 10km division, together with some friends.

I doubted if I can make it. At the 1st 3km of the run, I was already running alone, with my companions already way ahead of me. All of them are boys, I was the only girl in the pack. I can't sacrifice their speed so I ask them not to mind me and to go ahead and speed up. At this time I was already planning not to continue the race. But then I said to myself to give it some more time and continue.

A few meters away from the turning point I met some of the members of the pack, and they've encouraged me to go on, because the goal is near. And later with some runners and by standers cheering for me, I continued. On my last 2 kilometers, I already met runners who already finished the race, but I wasn't scared because I'm still seeing people behind me who are also determined to finish the race. And before reaching the finish line I found my husband and my friend's wife who happens to be my husband's high school classmate, waving at me with a big smile on his face. I knew he was happy seeing me alive after all and finishing the race. All the more did I try hard to keep my feet running to reach the finish line. Most of my companions has crossed the line 30 minutes ago before I did. I finished the race in one hour and 30 minutes, not bad for a first timer! And this will not be my first and last run. More marathons to come for me!

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9 Responses
  1. Robyn Says:

    Congrats! Running a marathon's HUGE! :) I too have been running since I was little but have never plunged into a marathon. I run 10km "fun runs" every year in my city, but never a marathon. Did you do any training? If so, for how long?

  2. yenyen Says:

    I just did my usual run every other day to keep me ready... I thing if you're into running, then its not hard to finish the race...

  3. fetus Says:

    would you mind if we exchange links? :)

  4. yenyen Says:

    what do you mean fetus?

  5. fetus Says:

    one of the page elements for blogspot is links. can you include my link as "lakbay philippines" (without the quotes) as anchor text and then the URL is "" (without the quotes)? i'm adding yours to my links. that's what we call exchange links, reciprocating my link to your site with you to mine. :D

  6. Yenyen Says:

    Thanks fetus.. done, I already added you in my blog list.. ^_^

  7. fetus Says:

    alright! thanks a lot! you're in my blog too. this will help us in our page rank by the way. :) if you got questions about blogging/SEO just LMK.

  8. That's great, congrats on your first marathon! I was never big into running, although I had to do enough of it in the Army. A fun run is always better than forced runs :)

  9. Yenyen Says:

    Thanks rob! Glad I was enyoing it, because I think I would have given up if not... :D