My First Marathon

My First Marathon

I've been running ever since I was young, but I never gained the courage to join in a marathon. Not until I reached the age of 25, that I took the challenge to join. It was the 33rd Milo Marathon and I'll be running for the 10km division, together with some friends.

I doubted if I can make it. At the 1st 3km of the run, I was already running alone, with my companions already way ahead of me. All of them are boys, I was the only girl in the pack. I can't sacrifice their speed so I ask them not to mind me and to go ahead and speed up. At this time I was already planning not to continue the race. But then I said to myself to give it some more time and continue.

A few meters away from the turning point I met some of the members of the pack, and they've encouraged me to go on, because the goal is near. And later with some runners and by standers cheering for me, I continued. On my last 2 kilometers, I already met runners who already finished the race, but I wasn't scared because I'm still seeing people behind me who are also determined to finish the race. And before reaching the finish line I found my husband and my friend's wife who happens to be my husband's high school classmate, waving at me with a big smile on his face. I knew he was happy seeing me alive after all and finishing the race. All the more did I try hard to keep my feet running to reach the finish line. Most of my companions has crossed the line 30 minutes ago before I did. I finished the race in one hour and 30 minutes, not bad for a first timer! And this will not be my first and last run. More marathons to come for me!

Early Morning Ritual

Early Morning Ritual

Ever since the new Mactan bridge also known as Marcelo Fernan Bridge, has been constructed I tried to jog there early morning once in a while. I used to jog with my childhood friend but due to our busy schedules we couldn't find time to jog together. But I don't mind running alone though.

I can still remember, every time we reach the parks below the bridge, we would sit down in one of their benches and watch as the boats pass by while waiting for the sun to rise. Such a refreshing sight to see the sleeping city, wake up and getting ready for another day.

This is how my day on a Saturday or Sunday will start. And this will also be something I'll miss when we'll move to our new house (rented only).. But hopefully I'll be able to find a place similar to this in our new home..

Cebu on the 37th floor

Cebu on the 37th floor

In the heart of Cebu City, stands a towering building that is 40 stories high, the tallest hotel tower in the country. With its dancing lights that we sometimes see even when we're outside the city. The Edge coaster and the Sky Walk is the attraction of Crown Regency, its the 1st in the Philippines and in the world is always worth a try.

I've been to the place several times bringing friends and letting them experience the same thrill that I had during my first visit. Either seeing the view of Cebu at 360 degrees with the added thrill of viewing it tilted at 45 degrees or walking the path at the building's outer rim with only a rope to guide and support you is breath taking. With the city lights actively lighted up for us to see the beauty of Cebu at night.

The price is right for the excitement that it offers. The challenge is too easy for the dare devils but a good start to those who want to experience some adrenaline rush. And I'm looking forward for their 3rd attraction which is expected to open anytime this year. And by that time I'll be back late afternoon to see the sun setting in the horizon.

A Man - Made Paradise

A Man - Made Paradise

Another resort that's giving Cebu pride is Plantation Bay Resort in Maribago, Mactan Island. Home of man-made lagoons and islands. The resort has very friendly staff that even for locals, you'll still feel welcome.

When we went there it was a day tripper package. This includes either a lunch or dinner and the use of their amenities. Lounge chairs and cottages are available to keep your things in one place.

Lots of activities are available free for use. There recreation room includes a ping pong table, computers with internet connection, some darts and arcade games. We also tried touring the resort using their bikes, wall climbing and archery. And one of the first things I've done was firing, though this one is not for free.

Swimming in the man-made lagoon won't intimidate the non-swimmers since the water is shallow. The deep part that has a diving board is bounded by some rocks and has signs informing us that we are near the deep part of the water. Its really safe, even for kids.

The food is delicious. And just right with the price. On a separate time, I had dinner in one of their restaurants, my favorite was their lobster and tempura. Really tasty. And I'm looking forward to tasting it again.

You can either ride a cab, a public utility vehicle or a private vehicle. Its very accessible. And before visiting the place i suggest to give them a call and ask for any promos to enjoy some discounts.

Summer Get-away I Cant Forget

Summer Get-away I Cant Forget

A year ago, we were privileged to book a cheaper flight to Boracay. Having been there before any of my companions, I was in-charge of our accommodation. I booked it at Boracay Courtyard, a sister company of La Carmela de Boracay. It's not fronting the white sand beach but we are allowed to hang out at La Carmela which is fronting the shore. Amenities of La Carmela are also free for use including their swimming pool. So its like we were booked in La Carmela and just paying half the price.Our accommodation already includes meals, from breakfast until dinner.

Seeing the long stretch of white beach already excites me. Being a beach bum myself nothing satisfies me but seeing the blue skies, white sand and the calm seas right in front of my eyes. The sand are really fine, Cebu may have white sand beach but the fineness of Boracay's sand is different.

We've walked the three kilometers of white sand beach for almost three days without signs of getting tired of seeing the same thing. Everyday the sun would set and everyday we look forward to seeing it. I just envy the locals, for having such a beautiful place to wake up to everyday single day. How I wish to live here all my life.

The Enchanting Place of Mambukal

The Enchanting Place of Mambukal

Its in the heart of Negros mountain range, Mambukal Resort is surrounded by volcanic vents, thick rain forest and hot springs. Its approximately with Mt. Canlaon can explain why volcanic vents are everywhere in the area, even the house that we rented smells like rotten eggs because of the smoke it emits.

The place is enchanting. It seems it has a life of its own. We had a trek to the seventh falls (the final falls) with small ones on the way. The terrain was difficult, there are times that you have to climb using the roots of the trees, there are parts that the terrain is slippery or the current of the water we are passing is so strong. But having reach the last falls was rewarding. We had a dip on its icy cold waters to soothe our achy feet for at least two hours of trekking.

After our falls adventure, we tried to relax in the hot spring. And it is really, really hot. Took out all the stress that we had for that day. The most interesting part is while you're relaxing in the hot springs, the bats are flying overhead. Bats are everywhere even before the sun sets. And they are very nice to look at, given that we seldom see bats in the city.

The place can be reach riding a bus to the transcentral Hi-way going Dumaguete from Bacolod and when you're at the intersection going to Mambukal you can ride a motorcycle. I'm not sure about the fare though since we went there on board a private vehicle.

Getting ready for summer

Getting ready for Summer

It's February and I'm starting to feel the summer heat! Another busy time for me as I plot my summer get-away. No excuses to stay at home and keeping a fair skin tone because its time to get some tan!

Here are some reminders before we go out and enjoy the summer sun:

1. Never leave the house without a sunblock. Just a misconception about sunblocks, it doesn't keep your fair skin tone, but it just protects you from the UV rays, that is harmful. But anyway, I really don't care much about being fair skinned in the first place, because TAN is in! :D

2. Drink lots of water. Avoid dehydration and its one way of keeping our skin healthy.

3. Wear your sunglasses. It protects you from the sun's harmful rays and at the same time lessen crow's feet or wrinkles near the eyes. (Remember, when its to bright we tend to close our eyes, causing some wrinkles in the eyes, and doing this frequently causes crow's feet at an early age)

4. Loose clothing. Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable in a very classy cloth. So leave those ill fitting clothes and wear clothes that feel comfortable, short short, spaghetti straps and tube tops are alright as long as you don't look slutty...

5. Slippers. Or if you are in a white sand beach, barefoot. Its comfortable, and having the sand underneath those tired feet can exfoliate and gets rid of those dead skin.

6. A Camera. How else can you share and keep those memories of a great summer get-away than taking a picture of it! Glad that I just got my new camera just in time for summer.... :D

Have fun under the sun!

Snorkeling at km45

Snorkeling at km45

Its 45 kilometer north of Cebu and it will take one to two hours to travel. Its a private resort owned by a relative and a family friend. It is exclusive but there are times when they allow a friend's friend to use the place.

Like most beach in the vicinity, its below a cliff and has a rocky terrain. Though the place has been flattened and covered with white sand.

I've since how the place has developed through time. Five years ago, it only has 3 nipa huts, a dirty kitchen, an open shower and a rest room. Now it has a house on top of the cliff an extra 2 rooms and another dirty kitchen still on the top part of the property.

The seabed used to be barren and very seldom that marine life is spotted. But the last time I visited the place it was full of life. Soft corals are seen everywhere and school of fish are rampant. Life under the water has been very interesting for me, that at one time I proposed to my friend (daughter of the owner and at the same time a biology graduate) to get a profile of the marine species that can be seen in the area. And see the development of their number through time. It really was overwhelming to see the marine life in the area very vibrant.

The pictures attached in this article are just some of the interesting marine life I've encounter during my snorkeling session.

It is a lesson learn, that as long as you take good care of mother nature, it will also be very generous in sharing and showing its beauty.

Lunch out at Nuvali

Lunch out at Nuvali

During one of my official business trip in Manila, we were taken out for a lunch in one of Manila's newest hang-out, the place was called Nuvali. Al fresco or dining outside with refreshing view has become a trend in Manila. And this concept has been adapted by Nuvali.

Sumptuous dinner is not the only thing you'll look forward when you go there but also the beautiful scenery surrounding the place. It has an artificial pond with lots of fishes (I think its a koi) that you can freely feed. They also offer a boat ride around the artificial lake on board a speed boat.

It's actually a very nice idea to redefine dining by adding a refreshing touch to the dining experience.

Seafood Feast

Seafood Feast

It was Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day, so many reason to celebrate, so we decided to dine outside. Ocean Garden, a seafood restaurant near JY square was our choice. It was not crowded like any other restaurants in the city at that time.

The ambiance was great, you can opt to eat outside or inside their air-conditioned room. The food was delicious and very fresh. It comes at a very reasonable price.

After we shared a very sumptuous dinner with the whole family, we went to another place to relax and unwind.