Getting ready for summer

Getting ready for Summer

It's February and I'm starting to feel the summer heat! Another busy time for me as I plot my summer get-away. No excuses to stay at home and keeping a fair skin tone because its time to get some tan!

Here are some reminders before we go out and enjoy the summer sun:

1. Never leave the house without a sunblock. Just a misconception about sunblocks, it doesn't keep your fair skin tone, but it just protects you from the UV rays, that is harmful. But anyway, I really don't care much about being fair skinned in the first place, because TAN is in! :D

2. Drink lots of water. Avoid dehydration and its one way of keeping our skin healthy.

3. Wear your sunglasses. It protects you from the sun's harmful rays and at the same time lessen crow's feet or wrinkles near the eyes. (Remember, when its to bright we tend to close our eyes, causing some wrinkles in the eyes, and doing this frequently causes crow's feet at an early age)

4. Loose clothing. Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable in a very classy cloth. So leave those ill fitting clothes and wear clothes that feel comfortable, short short, spaghetti straps and tube tops are alright as long as you don't look slutty...

5. Slippers. Or if you are in a white sand beach, barefoot. Its comfortable, and having the sand underneath those tired feet can exfoliate and gets rid of those dead skin.

6. A Camera. How else can you share and keep those memories of a great summer get-away than taking a picture of it! Glad that I just got my new camera just in time for summer.... :D

Have fun under the sun!

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