Not on a Road Trip

Not on a Road Trip

Have you been on a road trip, stopping at places that is worth visiting then continuing to the next destination with another beautiful spot, then suddenly the car won't start? How frustrating could that be, especially if you are in an unfamiliar territory. It could be that something is wrong with your spark plug, head gasket, accelerator and the works but then, I'll leave it to the experts like Los Angeles auto repair to do all the dirty work. I can do some basic trouble shooting on my car but anything complicated are beyond my knowledge.

Glad that a car as Honda Civic is reliable to be use on a road trip. Even at 100,000 miles it is still reliable and economical. And being an economical car, you don't have to worry about paying too much for gas. With comfortable interiors and very spacious leg room, you get to have an enjoyable fun-filled road trip.

Isn't this a fun idea to explore the country side and feel mother nature at its best? So why wait and sit in front of your computers when there's some nice place to go? Go, get a map and drive the country side, stopping at places that is worth capturing in your cameras!

The KAMPANARYO - Boljoon Part I

The KAMPANARYO - Boljoon Part I

To complete our visit in Boljoon town, we visited the plaza, the old church and the kampanaryo. Unfortunately when we arrived at the town proper the Boljoon Parish Museum was already closed for lunch break. But never the least we were able to enjoyed our quick tour of the town.

The kampanaryo provided us an excellent place to conduct an impromptu photo-shoot. We got good ambient light from the wooden stairs with the added view of the intricate design of the handles of their stair case. On the top, we were greeted by black birds whose name i can't properly pronounce but quickly fled when they notice our arrival.

The bell tower provided us the view of Boljoon from the top. We had a 360 view of the town, from the church, the plaza, the surrounding mountains and the blue sea. It was a refreshing view to see Boljoon this way.

On our way out we notice a vacant room and the bell man told us it was a prison during the Spanish era. It looks scary, and you can just imagine the people who were jailed here. It has tall windows that only a few light can pass and it would really isolate you from the world outside. So enough for scaring ourselves, we move to the church and the plaza.

Club Fort Med at Boljoon

Club Fort Med at Boljoon

To celebrate our first wedding anniversary we decided to go country side and experience the peaceful scenery of Boljoon town. We stayed at Club Fort Med. Luckily, since it was a weekday, we had the place all by our self.

We were warmly welcome by their crew and they made our stay really comfortable. They have a restaurant that you can just order your meals without the hassles of bringing the things needed for cooking your lunch or dinner. And the food was great. It was worth your money. All these are served in an open hut that doesn't deprive you from the beautiful view of the place.

Another good thing is that the resort is part of a marine sanctuary of Boljoon. Even at shallow waters, medium sized fishes of varying colors are found. The water is crystal clear and corals are visible on top.

And if you're not on the mood for seawater they have a pool to cool off a humid day. Its free for use once you availed either there room or cottages. There rates are as follows:

Single Detached Room With Private Veranda Php 2,300.00
Row - House Type Room Php 1,800.00
Conference Package Room Php 1,200.00 per head

All rooms are air-conditioned, hot / cold shower, single / twin - sharing
Maximum of two (2) adults and two(2) kids (below 8 years old)

Extra Bed Php 400.00
Extra person Php 200.00
Entrance Fee Kids below 7 yrs old Php 50.00 per head
Entrance Fee Adults Php 100.00 per head
:: Cottage Rental

Overnight Open Cottage Rental Php 400.00
Japanese Dining Open Cottage Php 300.00
Day use Open Cottage Rental Php 200.00

For other rates regarding the different activities that you can do in the place please check their website

So if you're tired of the buzzling city life and wants to have a serene time with self and loved ones then this is one of the best place to go.

A walk at Naga Boardwalk

A walk at Naga Boardwalk

Are you tired of dating inside malls, or movie houses? Then its time to be find another spot for dating. One of the places that I suggest especially those living south side of Cebu is the Naga Boardwalk. Its actually a public place at the back of Naga's Municipal Hall and it has a wonderful view of the sea, the mountains and a power plant surrounding it.

Its also a nice alternative for a stop over on a road trip for some lunch or dinner. During lunch time, seafoods and some native cuisine are some of the dishes that I suggest. Seafood are really fresh and cooked deliciously, while the native cuisine would remind you the comfort from home. At night time, street foods are abundant. You can chose from either grilled pork, fish and chicken or some spicy siomai and ngohiong coupled with Cebu's pride, the hanging rice. There's a lot of stalls to chose from and it doesn't cost much. So go ahead and satisfy your cravings.

The best time to stroll would be before the sun sets till night time. A lot of interesting scenery are seen during these times. And it also offers a lot of recreational activity for the active people. They have a tennis court, a badminton court, some play ground for the kids, and it is also a nice place to jog. Its another alternative to the usual dating offered in the city.

I’m joining Cebu Blog Camp 2010

I’m joining Cebu Blog Camp 2010

Four months ago I started my blog site. Courtesy of a friend who convinced me to blog my adventures and travel. I've learned to love blogging and the freedom it offers me to express myself and at the same time share my experience to people who love to go to the places I've been to.

And because of this love that I have for blogging, I started to crave for other people's idea on how to blog and I started to wonder what are the other opportunities offered when we blog.

Good thing a schoolmate published an article about Cebu Blog Camp this coming May 22 and I see this as an opportunity for me to advance my knowledge in blogging at the same time expand my network and meet new bloggers. Its a free invitation and it will be held at CAP Auditorium, CAP complex, Jones, Cebu City.

See you there!

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Caution to Beach Goers

Caution to Beach Goers

I know its summer and all of us are flocking to the beach. But before we head out to the beach, I got a very useful reminder about seabather's eruption. I got this idea to write such article because just this weekend I headed out to Alcoy White Beach, my hidden paradise for a quick swim and some skimboarding sessions. But unfortunately, the beach wasn't clean and I have noticed that the water on my first dip was itchy. Tough I tried to ignore the persistent itch since I was already enjoying playing with my skimboard. But later I could not take the stinging feel of the water as I fall on my board, so we stopped swimming and headed to a new location.

Unfortunately the following day, I notice red spots all over my body, especially those that was in contact with my clothing. I researched about it to relieve me from the itchiness and discovered that it has a name, a remedy and I call it first aid to avoid such unwanted red pigments on my smooth skin.

They call it seabather's eruption caused by a hypersensitivity reaction to the immature nematocysts of larval-stage thimble jellyfish (Linuche unguiculata), sea anemones (Edwardsiella lineata) and other larval cnidarians. (from wikipedia) These are organism of microscopic sizes with sticky bodies that are easily trapped in our clothes and hair. These organism are harmless when in sea water but its when we leave the water that these organism get crushed, dries up or exposed to freshwater causing them to die and release certain chemicals that causes the itch.

And its not actually new to the island and mind you, it can cause severe itchiness, and I'm currently suffering from it. The symptoms do not appear immediately, which also happened to me, since I only noticed the red spots on my body when I got home. To relieve me from this itch, it is recommended to use topical anti-itch cream (diphenhydramine) and a cortisone solution (hydrocortisone), I need to buy this immediately unless I plan to have this for a week.

And the next time I'm going to the beach, I'll make sure that I have a clean sea water for washing these annoying larvae and to take out all contaminated clothing before I wash with fresh water, just in case they'll appear again in our waters.

Big Bikes

Big Bikes

Last Saturday, we were covering a wedding and fortunately there get away vehicle was a big bike. It was a convoy of motorbikes and as the official photographer of the event, we have to ride the bikes to document the event. It was a chance for me to ride a big bike.

I have always fantasize of owning one, given the size that I have, I know that is very impossible. I love high speed machine and I love driving fast. And this vehicle has all that I dreamed of. Even with its humongous size the ride was very comfortable comparing it to the common and smaller motorbikes. And since it was a convoy, I was not able to experience how fast this bike can run, but I know that every roar of the engine, there is a lot of power stored to catch a very fast car.

Hopefully during one of their anniversary I'll be able to cover the event so I too can experience again riding a big bike at a faster speed. :D Its what I call Speed trip!

Cold spring of Obong Dalaguete

Cold spring of Obong Dalaguete

A good place to visit this summer to escape the summer's heat is at Obong's Spring in Dalaguete south eastern town of Cebu. It is a cold spring enclosed in a very big pool with an opening in the sea side. It is a fresh cold spring with traces of salt water due to the intrusion of sea water from the open side of the pool. Just the remedy on this very hot summer days.

The water is really cold, you can even dip your beverages in the water to keep it cold. There are also times that school of fish would visit the side of the open pool and would willingly eat the food crumbs floating.During high tide the water would exceed the platform where the tables and chairs are placed. You cant get away from getting your feet dipped in the cold waters.

For those on a road trip, its a nice quick stop since parking area is bountiful though you have to pay for parking but it doesn't cost much. There is also an entrance fee for a minimal amount too. And in case you failed to bring foods with you, sari-sari store are accessible to the area and food are sold in the vicinity.

Thank you for my Camotes Experience

Thank you for my Camotes Experience

I have heard a lot about Camotes Island and have seen a lot of wonderful pictures too. Been waiting for this time to experience Camotes Island first hand. So I would like to extend my thank you to the ODS (online Data Service) Team and friends for allowing me to join them on their outing. Especially to Almyr (he manages this site, meaning site manager? hahaha) for the invitation. Thank you for the warm accommodation, Ice, Noldsman, Benj, Val, Lord Philip, Wendell, Allyson wifey and kids, Richard and wife, Junele, Miss Ella and her hubby. And thank you to my hubby for allowing me to join this trip. :D

It was great to be with you, I enjoyed the trip and I had fun. You guys rock!
Till next time!!!

And here's the cast and crew of the outing:

ALMYR - Vain 1 (site manager, hahahaha lol)



ICE - ang payter!

BENJ - the poser (natural ra kaau, mura ug candid ang mga pics, dli di), daogan sad sa poker

ALLYSON - our guide (thank you for the very nice accommodation, naghuwat ra permi sa food na i-serve.. hehehe)

JUNELLE - the poker dealer

RICHARD AND WIFEY - the newly weds


WENDELL - ni uli sad ug sau kay naa naghuwat... pareha nko.. (where have you been, wla jud lagi ko solo picture nmo)

VAL - silent but deadly sad sa poker kay mo ALL-IN (asta sad ni si val kay wla sad kaau ko picture... )