The Enchanting Place of Mambukal

The Enchanting Place of Mambukal

Its in the heart of Negros mountain range, Mambukal Resort is surrounded by volcanic vents, thick rain forest and hot springs. Its approximately with Mt. Canlaon can explain why volcanic vents are everywhere in the area, even the house that we rented smells like rotten eggs because of the smoke it emits.

The place is enchanting. It seems it has a life of its own. We had a trek to the seventh falls (the final falls) with small ones on the way. The terrain was difficult, there are times that you have to climb using the roots of the trees, there are parts that the terrain is slippery or the current of the water we are passing is so strong. But having reach the last falls was rewarding. We had a dip on its icy cold waters to soothe our achy feet for at least two hours of trekking.

After our falls adventure, we tried to relax in the hot spring. And it is really, really hot. Took out all the stress that we had for that day. The most interesting part is while you're relaxing in the hot springs, the bats are flying overhead. Bats are everywhere even before the sun sets. And they are very nice to look at, given that we seldom see bats in the city.

The place can be reach riding a bus to the transcentral Hi-way going Dumaguete from Bacolod and when you're at the intersection going to Mambukal you can ride a motorcycle. I'm not sure about the fare though since we went there on board a private vehicle.

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3 Responses
  1. fetus Says:

    eh. i've been to the 7th falls too in Mambukal. :) i found the trek invigorating. i like the scenery of the rice fields over huge boulder of rocks. i really tried to take a bath at the green mini-pool whose temperature was 95 degrees celsius. lol.

  2. Yenyen Says:

    yup, its that hot... and i miss their hot spring.. on our way back after the seventh falls, we tried trekking the other mountain, opposite to the trail... and we were able to see the vity view... were you able to experience the canopy walk and the zipline? too bad, it was under construction when we went there...

  3. fetus Says:

    nope. didn't know there was a zipline and canopy walk. it was 2 years ago and i don't think it was constructed already. :)