Third quarter of 2009 a new amusement in Cebu has opened. Its Cebu's first theme waterpark hotel and has the longest slide ever in the island, the Imperial Palace Waterpark and Resort.

Adventurous as I am, I tried to save just to experience these gigantic slides and at the same time see for myself what the waterpark has to offer.

The slides surpassed my expectation. It was an adrenaline rush to be inside those tubes especially those that are covered. The uncertainty of where it's going will tickle your imagination. I could not get enough of the thrill that for two days I've been climbing the stairs to the slides to experience it again and again.

To soothe those aching feet due to climbing the stairs, a break at the lazy pool will be very rewarding. You just have to get your own rubber tube and join the crowd and let the current take you. Its a very relaxing way to just sit or lie on your rubber tubes. And having the whole group together in the lazy pool would bring in more fun.

They too have lots of water sports available, but i am not sure how much it would cost since i haven't tried any.

They also have other activities that guest can participate, like dancing at the pool or water exercises. The one I can't forget was learning how to fireball, I've always want to try but I don't know where and how. So when one attendant invited me to join, without any hesitation I joined. Though i didn't master the skill of fire balling that day, but at least I learned the basics.

Late afternoon, before the sun would set, the board walk and one of their restaurant would be the best place to wait for the sun to set. A refreshing sea breeze would welcome you and cool you off from the sun's afternoon heat.

If you'd like to try the waterpark I'd suggest to take the day tripper package, its cheaper than staying overnight, lunch already included and you can use all the facilities. Anyway a day of fun is already worth the memories... :)

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