A Mountain Resort

A Mountain Resort

Hidden Paradise Resort, is a secluded mountain resort found in San Fernando town, south of Cebu. With less than an hour travel from Cebu South Bus Terminal. It takes you away from the busy city life, and even from your phones. It is so isolated that not even one network provider has signal.

The view is so refreshing, everything was surrounded with greens and the 3 layer pool is a plus factor. I can stay there the whole day and even during night in the pool and just swim (I so love the many choices of swimming pool). They also have other activities like rappelling and zipline. Though there zipline is really not that far, and the saddest part is that, I wasn't able to try it due to time constrain. :(

There rates are reasonable and very affordable. There are lots of rooms available, if you want to save, there are dorm type rooms which is nice, very spacious and it has a bathroom. The execute rooms were also very comfortable, its actually where the guys were housed.

The food is not that great but you can always bring some foods from the outside since they won't have corkage fee. If given the time, yes I would love to go there sometime together with my husband, since it was a company activity and I would love to explore the place more..

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2 Responses
  1. fetus Says:

    i've never been here but i'm getting not good feedback. pero nice xa sa imong pictures! :)

  2. YenYen Says:

    actually the place is fine.. I like the idea of having 3 pools to chose. What I dont like is there food. But I think it comes with the price we're paying. I suggest to just bring food that you can cook. But the scenery is really nice, lots of greens and really fresh air.