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View from the top
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Where ever you are in Metro Cebu, a towering building located in the mountains of Nivel Hills is always visible, the Marco Polo Hotel Cebu. It has a panoramic view of Cebu City and the near by Mactan Island. It has been in the island for more than a decade carrying a different name, but the reputation of a world class hotel has always been there trademark.

Luckily for us, we were able to avail of a cheaper room rate, due to the holiday season at that time. So it is always advised to ask for available promotions in any hotels, especially if you're planning to stay in any hotel for a day or two. Greeted with extravagant crystal chandelier and a very spacious lobby, you know you're in for some world class pampering.

Having chosen a sea view room, our scenery was a spectacle especially when the sun was about to set, because the sky has now been turned into a beautiful artwork of different shades and colors. And the streetlights are starting to light up, making the city look livelier.Fireworks, left from the previous day's new year's celebration can still be seen at our room. They also have a restaurant at the top floor, where you can get a wider view of the city while you eat and bands serenading. Though, we almost got banned since we were only wearing shorts and slippers which is a big no no in the restaurant.

Their infinity pool is also something that you can look forward when you're a guest in the hotel. It has a lounge area that even if you're getting a tan, you're still immerse in water, you can't feel the heat. Its actually one of the best things the hotel has to offer aside from the panoramic view of the city.

One thing we did not try was there breakfast buffet since I find the price so expensive, it can be worth it, but I really don't care eating Mc Donald's pancake with extra maple sauce for breakfast, that can be bought at JY square just located at the foot of the hills.

It's our new year's resolution to discover the beauty of Cebu and its surrounding islands.

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