My hidden paradise

My hidden paradise

On times when I want to be alone or just want to share a marvelous place with family and friends I would bring them to the white public beach of Alcoy town in Cebu. Though it isn't as public as before, since someone already bought part of the place, but the essence of a cheaper destination to relax and unwind is still there.

The place is very accessible since it is just beside the road, you can go there on board a bus or a private vehicle. It is a one or two hours drive away from the city.

A private resort near the vicinity would offer you a safer refuge when you want to camp out and just sleep in your tent for a charge of 250 pesos (as of present time that I'm writing this). And you are already allowed to use the rest room to wash and change your clothes. Or if you don't own one (tent) then you can just stay in one of their rooms for 1000 pesos a night, and I cant remember if there was a maximum number of person allowed per room. So that means you can actually bring the whole family without extra cost.

For food it is more convenient to bring something that can be grilled or fried. They have a dirty kitchen that you can freely use. Though you have to bring your own utensils. There are home cooked food available also but I find it expensive.

The convenience of this place and the laid back feeling when your there would bring you to a place away from our stressful everyday life. That's why this place will always be my hidden paradise.. But i don't think that's its still a secret, since a lot of people already know this and fell in love with the place like i did... But I'll always be glad to share my secret place...

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11 Responses
  1. fetus Says:

    are there waves here too? sounds like there's another skim spot i'd like to try.

  2. juliet Says:

    It's been a while since my last visit at Tingko Beach. Looks like skim boarding would be the future sea sport here!

  3. YenYen Says:

    yeah, its also one of the nice skim spot. ^_^

  4. Anonymous Says:

    can someone post the contact number for the resort?thanks!

  5. Juliet Says:

    yes, we have the number in one of the cottages in
    Tingko Beach, 09182874023, just look for Ricky Gonzales

  6. fetus Says:

    plan mi manganha mi ig sabado ba... asa mo nagstay ngari? :)

  7. yenyen Says:

    i recommend staying at tingko beach kay mas safer... text the number above for reservation just in case daghan ug tao sa weekend...

  8. fetus Says:

    ok thanks. can't wait to soak up in the beacchh!!!

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