Snorkeling at km45

Snorkeling at km45

Its 45 kilometer north of Cebu and it will take one to two hours to travel. Its a private resort owned by a relative and a family friend. It is exclusive but there are times when they allow a friend's friend to use the place.

Like most beach in the vicinity, its below a cliff and has a rocky terrain. Though the place has been flattened and covered with white sand.

I've since how the place has developed through time. Five years ago, it only has 3 nipa huts, a dirty kitchen, an open shower and a rest room. Now it has a house on top of the cliff an extra 2 rooms and another dirty kitchen still on the top part of the property.

The seabed used to be barren and very seldom that marine life is spotted. But the last time I visited the place it was full of life. Soft corals are seen everywhere and school of fish are rampant. Life under the water has been very interesting for me, that at one time I proposed to my friend (daughter of the owner and at the same time a biology graduate) to get a profile of the marine species that can be seen in the area. And see the development of their number through time. It really was overwhelming to see the marine life in the area very vibrant.

The pictures attached in this article are just some of the interesting marine life I've encounter during my snorkeling session.

It is a lesson learn, that as long as you take good care of mother nature, it will also be very generous in sharing and showing its beauty.

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