The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse

On one sunny day we decided to have a photo-shoot at one of the land marks of Lilo-an, a town in northern Cebu. I could still remember during my high school years, after our volleyball practice or during half days that we would visit the Parola or light house. We used to go there by renting a tricycle, and it will drop us at the gates. And we will start traveling the dusty road and clearing out the wild bushes on the way to the Parola. The place is so isolated and away from civilization.

Now, the place has changed. The dusty road has been concreted and shrubs are already on the sides. The place has already been maintained. And it already has a restaurant on the side and beautiful houses are surrounding the place.

But the magnificent beauty of the towering light house has never changed. It stands beautifully on the hills surrounded by the beautiful scenery either from the mountains, open sea or nearby Mactan Island.

Its such a nice place to unwind. Getting a refreshing dose of fresh sea breeze and beautiful landscape.

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