A Man - Made Paradise

A Man - Made Paradise

Another resort that's giving Cebu pride is Plantation Bay Resort in Maribago, Mactan Island. Home of man-made lagoons and islands. The resort has very friendly staff that even for locals, you'll still feel welcome.

When we went there it was a day tripper package. This includes either a lunch or dinner and the use of their amenities. Lounge chairs and cottages are available to keep your things in one place.

Lots of activities are available free for use. There recreation room includes a ping pong table, computers with internet connection, some darts and arcade games. We also tried touring the resort using their bikes, wall climbing and archery. And one of the first things I've done was firing, though this one is not for free.

Swimming in the man-made lagoon won't intimidate the non-swimmers since the water is shallow. The deep part that has a diving board is bounded by some rocks and has signs informing us that we are near the deep part of the water. Its really safe, even for kids.

The food is delicious. And just right with the price. On a separate time, I had dinner in one of their restaurants, my favorite was their lobster and tempura. Really tasty. And I'm looking forward to tasting it again.

You can either ride a cab, a public utility vehicle or a private vehicle. Its very accessible. And before visiting the place i suggest to give them a call and ask for any promos to enjoy some discounts.

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6 Responses
  1. fetus Says:

    awww... never been here...

  2. yenyen Says:

    its worth the price... we really had fun when we went here... there's lots of things that can be done here, too little time..

  3. junele Says:

    nindot lage ni boss

  4. grlfwnd Says:

    wow' -- beautiful!
    how much was the package? =)

  5. Yenyen Says:

    For day trippers, it cost Php 2000.00, the last time we went there. That already includes 1 meal and free use of there amenities... :D