Under The Sea!

UNDER THE SEA! (Moalboal Continued)

Moalboal is not just known for its white sand beach in Basdako but also for its bountiful vegetation under the sea at Basdiot. It is considered a diver's paradise and is found at the other side of Moalboal. Getting there is just the same as getting to Basdiot, on boarding a bus and a tricycle. Still at the same cost.

I find Basdiot tourist friendly since you can get anything you need within the vicinity. Restaurants are open as early as six in the morning, and cuisine from around the world are served. Though room rates are higher compared to Basdako.

Corals are very abundant in the area that even during high tide and the water is knee deep, corals are very visible. I used to snorkel for hours and would always discover new species of sea creatures.

Every now and then you will be greeted with a bunch of bubbles that at first you'll think its a big fish that's coming but later you'll discover that these are diver's back from there journey under the sea. And I envied them, how I wish to try it someday. And that someday happened 2 years ago, I tried scuba diving and it really is an overwhelming experience and indeed if you're amaze with the beauty you've seen in the surface, the beauty 20 meters below is greater. No words can explain how grateful I was to have a glimpse of the world below.... So overwhelming!

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