Vast sand


Another place worth visiting is Moalboal town, situated at the south west side of Cebu, especially for those who love the beach. There are actually two places in this town that are very interesting, Basdako and Basdiot.

If you're someone who loves long stretch of white sand beach then, Basdako is the place to be. The name actually means vast sand. It's very serene and the place is not crowded. It's very relaxing to just sit or lie on the sand, hearing the waves, feeling the sun, watching the clear blue sky and listening to the the sound of the birds on top of a distant tree.

Late in the afternoon you'll be amaze by the beautiful sunset with the sky painted with different colors in shades of red, orange, yellow and purple.Then, after a good night rest sleeping on the sand or in our tents, I'd be looking forward to waking up in the morning and seeing if any big fish would pass by. Or I would get up from where I'm sleeping and bring my snorkeling gears and some left over not greasy food and feed the fishes. Its like being in a big aquarium with your own fish to feed and most fish are actually out during these times.

Every time we're there we would stay at Delgado's place, its actually a resort owned by a friend of a friend, something like that. We use to stay in their old house that has two rooms. Each room would cost 1000 pesos. Or a tent can be use at no extra cost. It's away from the small cottages where most people would stay (and partly the reason why I'm saying its not crowded). You can just cook your food in there dirty kitchen, but remember to bring the necessary ingredients since its too far from the market. Beverages are available in mini-stores in the vicinity, though it closes early.

The biggest challenge would be how to get there especially if you're using public transportation, since the place is far from the main highway. If you're riding a bus or a van for hire then you'll have to stop at the town's center and ride a tricycle to the resort. Fares would range from 300 to 400 pesos, round trip. Or if a private vehicle is available then it is very easy to ask for directions from the natives.

Though, its really not the difficulty of how we got there that will matter,because its the fun that we had and the people who are with us in the journey...

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2 Responses
  1. fetus Says:

    looks like we have the same place to stay when we go there, based on the picture... and you guys skim? you rock! :)

  2. YenYen Says:

    Its what I most love to do.. yeah rock on \m/ .. ^_^