Using Roots to Climb

Using Roots to Climb

Another unique activity offered in Danao Adventure Park is Root Climbing with Rappelling. I've done rappelling years ago but Root Climbing? It sounds new to me.

After trekking 40 meters from the reception area, we arrived at the river bank. At the end of the river bank stands a cliff with Balete tree on top. Roots are crawling down to the land below. The distance for root climbing is 18 feet while 15 feet for the rappelling.

Root climbing is fun and easier than plain wall climbing. You can chose what root to hold and the path to take to reach to the top. Its challenging and it will really test your upper body strength. Its not something to be scared of since you have all the safety equipments for you to be secured during the climb. For those who are afraid of heights, all you need to do is not to look down and just aim to reach the top.

After climbing, you'll be going down by rappelling. One thing to remember, keep one hand in front of you and the other at the back to control your fall.

This is a good activity to start especially for those who'd like to go extreme.

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3 Responses
  1. juliet Says:

    My first, and hopefully not the last, experience with root climbing was way back grade school days. I was still a sixth grader and was one of the two school representatives to attend the first ever Girl Scout Jamboree held in Zamboanga City. The climb was a real adventure! We did not even use safety harness then!

  2. Yenyen Says:

    wow!! i'll look forward to root climbing without a harness... that will really add to the thrill of root climbing!

  3. Wow, that looks like a lot of fun, and a good workout too! Another adventure travel activity I'll have to convince my wife to try :)