Getting a tent

Getting a tent

I have always love the outdoors, be it in a beach, on top of a mountain, inside the cave or under the sea. And one essential gadget for someone like me is a tent. Staying or sleeping inside a tent can maximize our experience of the outdoor.

I used to own one, but I don't think it was a good buy. During that time when I bought it, I chose a bigger tent that was cheaper over a smaller, a bit expensive but of good quality tent. And this is one disadvantage of an impulsive buyer.

Later I realize how bulky my tent was, it was not convenient to bring it anywhere. Another disadvantage of having a bigger tent was it can accommodate lots of people, no privacy when you need one (naughty grin, hehehe). And since quality comes with a price, mine easily lost its waterproof feature and the poles broke after several times of use.

Lesson learned I should not sacrifice the price of anything I'm looking forward to use for a long time, and I don't need a big tent, all I need is a secure one that can protect me from the cold and the rain.

Good thing I was able to buy a small tent from Coleman at Ace Hardware for a reasonable price and it comes in a refreshing color of orange. This will be my faithful companion on my coming adventures..

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