Enjoying Bohol at a Lesser Price

Enjoying Bohol at a Lesser Price

Bohol, a neighboring island of Cebu, has also been one of the top choices for tourist destination. A visit to their old churches, a trip to the Loboc River while eating lunch, and a dip to their white sand beach, these are just a few things that you can enjoy while staying in Bohol. But your choices doesn't end there because they have added an Extreme Adventure Tour to the list.

The moment I've heard about this I already prepared myself to try everything extreme that is offered (I'll be writing about the different extreme adventures I've tried in a separate blog). And we did try everything extreme.

If you'd like to visit Bohol and its your first time, I suggest to visit all the historic spot on the first day, everything worth visit can be covered in one day. And before the day ends you need to reach Danao, Bohol. You can spend the night at Danao Adventure Park in their campsite. Its cheaper this way than renting rooms anywhere else. Since camping will only cost 25 pesos per head if you have your own tent. Or you can rent a tent for 250 pesos. Just remember to bring packed foods, since food there is really expensive.

One added activity when you camp out would be star gazing. You'll be amazed by the night sky crowded with stars. Maybe its because there are no other lights intercepting the light of the stars, that even the smallest star is very visible.

And just ride a multicab instead of an air conditioned van because the comfort of the van can make you sleepy. Making you miss all the beautiful that you'll pass along the way. And the multicab comes at a cheaper price. Then you can enjoy all the extreme adventures at a price lesser, than most people are paying.

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  1. fetus Says:

    char kaayo ang last nga picture. hehehe... makabarato ko sa bohol kay taga didto man ko hehehehe...

  2. Yenyen Says:

    waaaaahhh kami kay nka mahal mi kay wla jud mi bala gdala maski tent man lng... mahalan ko sa ila food didto... If we only knew, nagdala nlng unta mi ug tent and food pra cheaper ra... hehehe

  3. Freeman Says:

    This looks interesting