I love milkshakes

I love milkshakes

I was at SM the other day to buy some stuff and I came across a stall. It was a new stall near Ace hardware, Koldkiss milkshake, obviously selling milkshakes. Milkshakes has never been popular in our country and I am very curious about this new stall's fate if it will be patronize by Cebuanos.

As curious as I am to new stuff, I tried to fall in line debating on which flavor to order. They got classic chocolate, heavenly vanilla, tropical mango and mocha supreme just to name a few. But I ended up with the crew's recommendation of wild strawberry.

It comes with 2 sizes, 12 oz and 16 oz, for Php 59 and 79, respectively. Topped with whipped cream and a dash of strawberry powder.

It was delicious, very yummy. I am not a fan of strawberries but this one got me addicted. And I'm actually craving for some strawberry milkshakes right now.

Its something new that is worth tasting during this hot summer months.

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8 Responses
  1. val Says:

    Hmmm, mukhang masarap nga. May kasama ba yang kiss pagkatapos? hehe @_@

  2. Yenyen Says:

    hmmmm it depends if magkasabot mo sa crew... hehehe and in fairness mga gwapa ang ila mga crew... hehehe dli sad ka magmahay... hehehe

  3. juliet Says:

    Milkshakes are one of the healthy ways to quench your thirst and cool your head this hot summer, but not for the figure-conscious people who loves to follow their diet plans! I'm just curious about the taste. Which tastes better, Zagu or Milkshake?

  4. bingkee Says:

    U from Davao...me I'm from Davao...anyway, I love milkshakes too. Now that it's getting warmer here, I'd might have more.

  5. val Says:

    @yenyen - hehe, okay lang basta dili lang ta tugnawon sa kiss, hehe, joke!

  6. Yenyen Says:

    juliet> Zagu and milkshakes are of different taste, its like comparing an apple to an orange and it would depend on your preference.

    bingee> nope, im from cebu

    val> hehehe dli jud ka tugnawon val, ma-init hinuon... hahahaha lol

  7. asmaliana Says:

    Aaah love it more in this hot day...love it with crunchy chocolate flake..

  8. Yenyen Says:

    i'll try having a crunchy chocolate flake on my next milkshake... :D