Roadtrip to Balamban

Roadtrip to Balamban

One lazy sunday afternoon we decided to have a road trip. We were traveling Uling, Naga-Balamban-Transcentral Road. I was on the passenger's seat and that was my first time to enjoy the scenic view of the road we're transversing since most of the time I would be passing this place for official business. And everytime, I would be in a hurry to reach my destination to be in time for my scheduled visit.

I noticed how beautiful the river on the side of the road was with the blue skies in the background. I was also able to discover small waterfalls along the way. Beautiful views of mountains, trees and rivers are abundant in the area.

Another view worth watching is the site of Carmen Copper (previous Atlas Mining) mining pit. The brown color of the soil being mined gives a good contrast to the lively green and blue background.

Sunsets in Toledo wharf is also something I look forward but due to time constrains we have to be in Transcentral hi-way before dark. We were able to drop by a mountain resort with their pool on the foot of the mountain and we have to hike back to the main road.

We concluded the day with sweet corn in Barangay Dap-dap (which is the best in Cebu) and hang-out at Governor Leyson's Peak to have some rest and fresh breeze before we head back to the city. This was another way we bond with my ex-boyfriend now husband.

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  1. fetus Says:

    sweet corn da best! dagko pa jud au!