Dear John

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Dear John

I have always loved reading books but I seldom buy one because I only got to read it in a day, which is really costly. Most of my books are handed by my mom or given by a friend who knows my addiction.

Just recently, I was told by my younger sister that Nicholas Sparks has a new book, Dear John and a movie is also on its way.

Good thing I saw this book in one of our desk in the office and borrowed it from a colleague.

From the start till the end, I found the book really interesting opposite to what my colleague told me that there are some parts of the book that is dragging. I have cried for most part of the book especially upon knowing the condition of John's father. The book also talks about sacrifices for love, seeing the person you love happy with there lives even if it meant giving up your own happiness.

The book was really great and I won't regret getting myself a copy of it.

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  1. Nicholas Sparks' books always make the reader cry buckets of tears. I've read several of his books, I will have to try this new one before I watch the movie. Give my eyes a good cleanout.