A Date at Casa Verde

A Date at Casa Verde

A good place to take a date for a dinner or a family celebration would be at Casa Verde. It used to be an old house with a small restaurant in the ground floor and a boarding house on the second floor. There are also study rooms available. And the place was so serene with only a few diner, it has a very cozy ambience.

Now the business has grown and they where able to open 2 branches in metro cebu, one is in Ayala Terraces and at IT Park. Still offering the same, tasteful dishes. The place is always fully packed even on a weekday. Many has discovered there sumptous meal that is worth coming back.

Way back, it was the baby back ribs that I was addicted. Then later I started exploring their menu and I was able to discover the other mouth watering dishes. Some of my favorites are, Surf and Turf, a grilled beef meat with grilled shrimps, baked potato soup, watermelon salad, a green salad with a twist of watermelon, mango and a mouth tickling dressing that is sweet. And to conclude a wonderful meal, I'd finish it with desert, Death by Chocolate. Yum. Nothing beats a sumptous at Casa Verde.

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2 Responses
  1. fetus Says:

    oooohh... ok naa na koi nahibal-an nga history sa casa verde. hehehe... bitaw lami jud ilang baby back ribs uy. suwayan pod nako nang grilled beef meet with shrimps. basta naa shrimps ganahan ko. hehehe...

  2. yenyen Says:

    yup, you should try it! kung na addict ka sa ila baby back ribs, mka addict sad jud ang surf and turf... :D are you into sweets? you should try their Death by Chocolate...