Plunge: Conquer Your Fear

Plunge: Conquer Your Fear

I am someone who used to be afraid of heights, but I've slowly faced my fears every passing year by doing something extreme that involves height. And for this year its taking a Plunge. Its the most extreme activity offered in Danao Adventure Park.

Plunge, its something like bungee jumping but you'll be dropped and then swinged from the top. Having conquered my fear of heights, I wasn't scared when I put on my safety gears. But it was during my turn to be on the hanging board, having seen the view below and the idea that it was my time to jump, that scared me. It made my knees weak. And then I was hanging upside down, head first. There's no way of turning back.Anyway, this is what I'm here for so rock on!

"Bomb's away!" this was what I heard before I was release and allowed to drop freely. For 2 seconds I was numb. Good thing I got back to my senses, release my feet from the rope and I was swinging. I had the farthest swing among the group because I was able to release my feet earlier making me swing freely. The swinging was so relaxing, you'll forget your fears and enjoy the scenic view from where you are. I could feel the wind making noises as I swing in the air. It seems I've awaken from a beautiful dream, I was surrounded by green trees, blue skies, and the river below. Glad I didn't let my fears stop me from enjoying this beautiful experience.

For those who are courageous enough, go ahead and experience the thrill. You're not paying for the ride you're paying for the experience.. And I'm glad I did!

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2 Responses
  1. juliet Says:

    I might dare try such extreme adventure someday. I am also afraid of heights. Well, let's see if I could find the courage to really do it if given a chance. Why am I having second thoughts?