Chilling at Mountain View Resort

Chilling at Mountain View Resort

Another destination to spend a day or an evening with friends and loved ones is Mountain View Resort. It has approximately 180 degrees view of Cebu and its mountains.

During daytime it is best to experience the short walk of their hanging bridge which is over looking the city. And it is best to take some walks to experience the natural beauty of the area. Play grounds and small parks are available in area for kids to safely play.

During night time there are videoke or juke box in the area. You can sing your heart out for a fee or play nice beat that suits your mood. Or you can just enjoy the peaceful view of the city at some of the cottages that surrounds the area with your loved ones.

Entrance to the park would cost fifty pesos and it is best to bring your own food since available food is expensive. And it is best to go there late in the afternoon before the sun sets and to stay there till late in the night.

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3 Responses
  1. Jenn Says:

    mountain view is so memorable to me cause this is where our first real date with hubby took place. :) love the view!

  2. jaruwan Says:

    Its look like beautiful view,i like to travel.I like sea and the beaches.

  3. yenyen Says:

    Jenn: such a nice place to view the city...
    Jaruwan: I'll be posting more beautiful places for you to chose when you decide to visit Cebu and the surrounding Island... :D