SUNGLASSES, Sunglasses, sunglasses

SUNGLASSES, Sunglasses, sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses has been a fad both for young and old. I myself could not go outside the house without bringing my sunglasses, but in contrary to wearing it for fashion, i know the benefits of wearing one, and this I'd like to share with you.

We all know that UV rays is not only damaging to our skin but also to our eyes as well especially to the cornea that is integral to one's sight. The eyes is also considered as one of the sensitive areas and our body and this is usually where the first signs of aging occurs, at the eyes and the area around it. Thus wearing sunglasses can help in preventing wrinkle formation around the eyes and the surrounding skin.

As an added benefit it also protects us from dirt, wind, glare and other external agents especially for motorbike drivers and cyclist. And it is a good way of concealing our big eye bugs after late night partying.

Just some cautions in buying sunglasses is to refrain from purchasing low quality lens that is also detrimental to the eyes. It is best to shell out a few extra bucks for eye protection.

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