Assaulting Mt. Lanaya of Algeria

Assaulting Mt. Lanaya of Alegria

I have promised myself that I'll be going back to Alegria to explore the place. I have heard that Alegria has a lot of things to offer when it comes to Eco-tourism. They have white sand beach, fish sanctuary, caves and mountains.

This time I went back to climb and explore Mt Lanaya one of Alegria's mountain, traversing Legaspi trail. From the main road we traveled approximately 45 minutes to the foot of the mountain. From the foot to the peak of the mountain, it was an all assault trail. With very loose sand and gravel. Some would even sort to crawling the loose ground just to make sure that they wouldn't slide to the bottom of the mountain. Trees were of little help since there's only a few that can be use as support.

We fought the sun's heat as we continued to climb the mountains with wild bushes on our sides. Lunch were eaten during our small breaks. And even with 3 liters of water, it was not enough to quench our thirst.

But it was all worth it when we reach the top. It feels I'm on top of the world. In front of me is a breath taking view. I got to see the neighboring Negros Island, the sea that separates Negros and Cebu, and the surrounding mountain range.

The air is fresh and the feeling is revitalizing. These are the very reason that attracted me to climb mountains.

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