Before setting foot to Extreme Adventures

Before setting foot to Extreme Adventures

I have always believed that we are here in this life to enjoy the beautiful creations of our creator. My best friend once told me that there is no other person who is passionate about living and experiencing life than me, and I believe her. I have never stopped from discovering the magnificent beauty of the Philippine Island.

Aside from exploring the beauty that nature has to offer, I have also learned to love and experience extreme adventures first hand. But wait, before we jump to such extreme activities, let us bare in mind the risk that it takes. That's why it is best to get a life insurance for emergency and for the future.

It is best to have a universal insurance while we are still young. Especially at this age, that we are very impulsive to the adventures that is set in front of us. I have bought an insurance
after I got work, knowing that it's cheaper when you bought it at a younger age and at the same time, accidents do come unannounced. I don't mind buying another best rate insurance because I know it will be used when I need it the most.

It gives me peace of mind every time I travel or if I engage myself to such extreme sports.

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2 Responses
  1. fetus Says:

    waw! naa na ka mga suwat nga binayran? preha na ta, tig blog pod ko'g binayran lol. hehehe...

  2. yenyen Says:

    hahaha uu.. may nlng naa sad purpose ato cge blog.. hehehe though I'm really starting to enjoy sharing my experiences sad jud..