Getting fit through Boxing

Getting fit through Boxing

Summer has started and its time to flaunt our curves hidden behind our everyday jeans and tank tops. Their are some who are not comfortable wearing swimsuits or with their bodies, but its time to get out of our shells, at least we have an excuse, because its summer!

One technique of wearing swimsuits is to be comfortable with our own body. I don't have a perfect 6 pack abs body, but I am comfortable with it. I also try my best to keep my body fit by getting into sports, running and boxing.

I enjoy boxing the most, especially if I want to trim some fats the soonest time possible. I used to box at Metrosports with an annual few of approximately Php 7000, relatively cheaper compared to other boxing stadium in the city. But due to time constrains and the accessibility of the place, I have to discontinue my membership with Metrosports and started boxing at Abellana sports Center with a Php 50 per session. It may not have the complete equipment for boxing but at least I still get to practice the skills I've learned, at my most convenient time.

Boxing, ease away my stress and at the same time fuels my competitive side. Its a satisfying feeling to survive 5 rounds of sparing and some more rounds of abs exercise.

That's how I keep my body fit and hopefully you'll be able to find the sports right for you.

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