I'm officially a skim chick!

I'm officially a skim chick!

Last April 1,2010, Good Friday, Sugar Beach Resort held a skim boarding competition. I am a big fan of skim boarding and I look forward to watching how the pros do it.

Luckily, since there were a few participants, I was encourage to join the competition, for the sake of overcoming my fear of joining such competition.

I was the only female skim boarder. And I was enthusiastic for the adrenaline rush that it gave me. And now I'm officially a skim chick!

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2 Responses
  1. fetus Says:

    suya ko's mga board da... hehehe...

  2. yenyen Says:

    mas nice imo board fetus kay bago.. hehehe gpaborrow ra ko nla sa ila board pra mka apil sad ko.. hehehe