Skimboarding, anyone?

Skimboarding, anyone?

I am a beach lover, I like to spend my down time at the beach, chilling, relaxing and unwinding. And I have always looked forward to learning different sports and activities done in the beach. One of those that stick to my heart was skimboarding.

I have been skimboarding for almost 8 years, though I'm not doing it to become a pro. And I'll be glad to teach you how its done.

When you already have a skimboard (for beginners its best to borrow or rent), go to the shore, look for an isolated spot away from the crowd to avoid accidents. Watch for the rhythm of the wave, pick a specific wave that you'd like to ride. Before this reaches the shore, you have to run, catch it when it arrives the shore. Drop your board and ride it.

Easy right? Just be careful because anyone who wants to learn how to skim board is not spared from bruises and injuries. But don't worry you'll surely enjoy it once you'll learn to ride the waves..

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