Bantayan (Sta Fe) Escapade

Bantayan (Sta Fe) Escapade

Have you ever though of spending a long weekend to Boracay but doesn't have enough resources to go there? The good thing of living here in Cebu is we have easy access to white sand beaches that doesn't cost much and would still feel like you're in Boracay sand.

Sta Fe, Bantayan Island boost a long stretch of white beach like Boracay Island. The main difference is that it has not been commercialized like Boracay Island. You can still experience the laid back feeling and have the beach all by yourself.

Access to Bantayan is convenient and doesn't cost much. From the city you can ride a bus in North Bus Terminal to Hagnaya for a fare of 150 pesos, maximum. Then a ride to Sta Fe for an hour with a ferry for 100 pesos.

You'll be welcomed with white sand beach and crystal clear water at Sta Fe Wharf. There are a lot of choices for resort that can offer very affordable rate, to name a few there's Sugar Beach, Rummel's, Ogtong Cave, Mayet's Place and Sta Fe Beach Club.

It is best to bring tent and some food to save for accommodation and unlike Boracay, restaurants and food shoppe are scarce. But you can always wait for fishermen as they duck there boats and buy some of there catch for a seafood treat. The fish is fresh and it will really make a good meal.

You'll also get to experience the island life since fishing village are within the area.So why deprive ourselves with white sand beach? Get out and get some tan!

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5 Responses
  1. What make Bantayan unique is that it’s not highly modernized, and because of this, you get to enjoy the tranquility of the beach and its surroundings. There are not too many people and vendors around the resort area which makes it a great place to get some the much need R&R.

  2. y Says:

    yeah you are right about that... a place away from the buzzing life of the city and some stores in the surroundings that has everything that you need..

  3. she Says:

    Bantayan Island has it's best beach resorts more than you can really imagine!

    ...One of the most beautiful beaches in Bantayan Island is the Mayet's Beach Club,and nothing can compare it's sugary sands that makes it very interesting and more likely extremely unique!

    ...The surroundings is rally nice because it's very clean and very fresh,You can really enjoy your vacation there because it has no hassles and most particularly the place is great for enjoying summer1:)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    hi, how many hours from cebu city to Bantayan Island? travel time from cebu to hagnaya then hagnaya to the island? thanks much!

  5. Yenyen Says:

    I think Cebu from Hagnaya will take 2-3 hours then another hour going from Hagnaya to Bantayan..