To Babag Ridges for the Freedom Climb 2010

To Babag Ridges for the Freedom Climb 2010

To commemorate the 112th Independence Day of the Philippines, Filipino Mountaineers joined forces in having a simultaneous flag raising ceremony at different mountain peaks last June 13, 2010 at exactly 8 o'clock in the morning. For Cebu Mountaineers, it was spear-headed by Ewit mountaineers and joined by almost 12 groups of mountaineering groups, and more than a hundred participants. All climbs leading to Babag Ridges (Chalet) using different routes to minimize the impact on the trail.

Its was our way of honoring and feeling the brave soldiers who fought for our freedom. It was at these mountains that they have hidden and meet for plans of there attacks. It may not be the best memory that I can recall on my history class but something close to that.

Everyone gathered at Guadalupe church and separated ways when everyone was ready. For Bagtak Mountaineers we were trekking the ______ trail. And it gave us some challenging obstacle like a kiss the wall trail in between the flower plots, with long assault to the peak, some slippery grass and walking in the not so well lighted path. We get a glimpse of the city from our trail and it was breath taking. It was a very tiring climb to the peak. The camp site was already dark when we arrived. But all these contributed to a wonderful experience of trekking to the peak.

The socials during the night was even a blast! The drinks, the laughter, new found friends and a lot of sharing. So I would say it was a two thumbs up for the organizers of the event for gathering such number of people to join the freedom climb. Hopefully this will be an annual event for local mountain lovers. So till next year mountaineers!

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  1. Maniniyot Says:

    You might be very honored to join this kind of event.

  2. Nice codes. This is very much useful for everyone. Keep it up.

  3. Yenyen Says:

    Maniniyot: yup it was.. just in case you'd like to join such event just inform me, I can give you the details to such activities..
    fairfeildhotelohi: thanks!

  4. bins Says:

    history will definitely repeat itself.. and i'm luking forward for more climbs and mountain events like these.. kita-kits next climb ma'am yen ;)

  5. skyla Says:

    Thanks for these helpful tips..This is very much useful for everyone. Keep it up.

  6. helen Says:

    Nice codes. This is very much useful for everyone. Keep it up.