In Memory of Mr Manuel Ting

In Memory of Mr Manuel Ting

I was at the funeral of Mr. Manuel Ting, the hotelier that was shot a few weeks ago by some gun for hire, who happens to be one of the owner of the company I was working at. I won't be discussing anything about the case since I don't know anything about it and I don't have any idea why it happened. Rather I'd like to share some insights on what I saw during the funeral.

The Ting Family did not just own one business but rather a good few. That would explain why at least 8 buses was used and vehicles has crowded the city traffic. A lot of people are earning, sending there kids to school and building better lives because of the opportunity they offer to the community. And most of there employees look at them as good person with good heart. One of his son is my direct boss and I do see the reflection of Mr Manuel Ting in him. Very vibrant when it comes to there out look with life and always willing to extend some hand. No wonder that even at the age of 72, he was still very energetic and would never hesitate to return a smile or some greetings. As a father I know that he did a good job raising such good kids. And I can see the love flowing between a father and a son. Mr. Manuel was a good owner and person to us.

So it aches to really hear about the news and I know, none of my questions will be answered until this time. So instead, I'd like to make this as a tribute to the person who has in one way shared there resources and cascaded it to us, there employees. To the Ting Family, my condolences and to Mr Manuel Ting, may you rest in peace and may justice prevail.

P.S. I did not take any pictures in the event to give privacy to the grieving family and to ensure their security.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    thank you for this blog. mgt was a very close relative of mine. :(