Ice Shavings at Cherry's

Ice Shavings at Cherry's

Another yummy treat for this summer is ice shavings with tasty flavorings from Cherry's . It's another western product brought to Cebu. Its a Hawaiian base company that also gets its flavoring from Hawaii. And only has one branch in Cebu located at Parkmall.

Its another version of an ice cone. From a block of ice, its shaved, compacted and is placed with flavoring of your choice. I was able to try mango and yes it does taste like mango shake minus the milk. Really yummy, one cup or bucket (or whatever it is called) is not enough. One cup cost 55 pesos. I wanted to have more but we were already on our way home when I finish my first cup.

It satisfies our need for something cold in a hot summer day at the same time our cravings for something sweet. A yummy treat indeed for these hot summer days.

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