Cebu Blog Camp 2010 was a Success!

Cebu Blog Camp 2010 was a Success!

Being new to blogging, any knowledge and techniques are helpful for my growth as a blogger and expanding my network. I was fortunate to read a schoolmate's blog about Cebu Blog Camp held last May 22 at CAP Bldg. and I was very enthusiastic about the event.

It give me a better idea of what blogging is and about how the industry worked. I begin to have a clear goal on a specific niche that I'd like to have, though a niche is really not that important as long as you are passionate with the things you write.

I was able to meet award winning bloggers from all over the Philippines that served as my inspiration. A lot of bloggers in Cebu and the surrounding island attended the event and gave me time to mingle with them.

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7 Responses
  1. fetus Says:

    share naman jan ng tips and tricks! wa jud ko ka anha ba, wa ko pa absena sa ko boss hehe

  2. Yenyen Says:

    hmmmmm mura mas dghn man ka knowledge about blogging than me.. and i think kabalo nka sa mga tricks... hehehe unsa man ako ma share ha??? let me think... hehehe

  3. Really I like the photos of Cebu Blog Camp 2010.

  4. fetus Says:

    ngeets. wala jud koi formal na training... basa basa ra ko'g blogs nga maghisgot bahin og blogging. toinks. ;D

  5. Yenyen Says:

    new morden world: thank you...
    fetus: most of the things i learn is to write something that you are passionate about and not for commercialization... though ang pay per post would be a good source of income sa blogs from time to time... :D ala nko nka sabot sa technicalities pag put up ug blog... nagnosebleed ko kay dli ako world.. hehehe

  6. fetus Says:

    hahaha... ako-ang site kay for commercialization... lol... akong amiga maoy nag put up aning site, wa pod ko kabalo sa technicalities. blog ug writing lang jud akong role. tugs. :)

  7. Yenyen Says:

    same here.... someone's actually in charge of posting my blogs and writings, have to learn the IT stuff on how the blog works... but looking forward to be good at both blogging and managing the site..