Another Close Encounter with the Jellyfish

Another Close Encounter with the Jellyfish

I was busy snorkeling in the shallow waters of Boljoon Fish Sanctuary because the underwater has been very lively with a variety of colorful fishes and corals. And I made sure to take pictures from time to time, and document interesting creatures, corals or sites.

Later, a big fish got my attention and I tried to follow it to the deeper water. Bigger school of fish began to appear and was visible from my where I was. Though I can't get enough of it, viewing them from a far so I tried diving near the sea bottom to get a picture of big angel fish, and a lot of other fishes that I can't identify. From time to time, I have to resurface to get some air.

Unfortunately during my next gasp for air, I was met by a bunch of jellyfish right in-front of my eyes. Having traumatize by my last weeks itch still due to jelly, I instinctively tried to swim away from the jellyfish. But still, I got a chance to take a picture of one of the jelly fish.

From that time forward, I tried to avoid swimming in the sea water and enjoyed the pool instead. The climate right now is so hot that it triggers these jellyfish to resurface in our waters. So it is best to avoid them unless we want to experience the sting that they leave to our skin. I still got some red itchy spots due to that event but not as many as the previous.

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2 Responses
  1. fetus Says:

    sa camotes kay daghan pod og jellyfish. cute pa jud tan-awn hehehe... galing lang kay nag pula pula akong kauban na agi-an xa...

  2. Yenyen Says:

    hahaha cute jud.... but maski unsa ka cute kay mka katol jud ghpn... But i heard na naa jelly fish sanctuary sa siargao and they dont sting anymore... hehehe wishing to be sometime this year... hehehe