The Mighty Waves of Boljoon

The Mighty Waves of Boljoon

One of the interesting pictures that I got from Boljoon was the waves. The waves were strong when we were there and it would reach the rocks of the resort with a strong force.

I played with my camera settings to have different effects of the way and I would love to share that here.

My first picture was taken when the sun was high and too much available light, so set my camera to a smaller aperture (F10, if i remember that right) and fast shutter speed
(1/60). The second set of pictures was taken during twilight when the sun was out. The aperture was bigger at (F7) and very slow shutter speed that reached to 5" creating an enchanting water.

But then who cares about this setting especially if one is using a point and shoot camera. Actually you can still get these same effect on a P&S Cam by using the manual mode and adjust the shutter speed the rest will be set by the camera automatically.

I hope you enjoyed my pictures like I enjoyed shooting and learning how to get this shot..

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2 Responses
  1. Nice photos! I've been to Boljoon once since I had a friend there who owns a rest house We went to her place when I was in Cebu. It was nice and I liked the overall experience.

  2. yenyen Says:

    thanks... yup boljoon is a very nice place indeed... loving every minute that i was there..