Cavite - Tagaytay Side Trip

Cavite - Tagaytay Side Trip

When I scheduled my training in Manila, I made sure that the tickets I bought will be a day earlier and a day late than the scheduled training. That way, I have more time to adjust and have time to wander around Manila, before and after the official business.

When I arrived, I was not directly taken to my home for the next five days but rather, I was first housed in Cavite, their second home, where the family I’m staying go to during weekends. It’s located in one of the prestigious communities in Cavite and the place is cool, contrary to the weather in Manila.

In the afternoon I was toured in Tagaytay. Though that was not my first time in Tagaytay but it was my first time to zipline and horseback ride in Tagaytay.

Most of the time, it was only sightseeing and picture taking.

I like horseback riding, such a liberating feel when you get to ride and direct the horse all by yourself, and do I need to say more about how much I love speed! Woohoooo! ( waving my cowboy hat)

After our little adventure at Tagaytay park, we dined at Gerry’s grill.

It was supposed to be somewhere else new, but the mall where we were planning to eat was full packed. No parking space was available. But nevertheless, the food at Gerry’s grill was delicious and we have the evening view of the taal lake and the towns surrounding it.

Special thanks to Uncle Donald, Tita Fe, Uncle Marlon, Tita Evelyn, Uncle Ronald, Ate margie, the kids, the rest of the crew for a very fun day at Tagaytay.

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