My Big City Urban Adventure (Manila)

My Big City Urban Adventure (Manila)

I was sent to Manila for one week training at the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute in Quezon City. But instead of being house in a hotel, I agreed to stay at a relative's place in Pasay. I was planning to take the public transportation and experience the buzzing life of the urban jungle. Its not my first time to set foot in Manila, but this will be my first time commuting, most of my visit are for 2-3 days and private transportation is always available.

So my plan was to ride the MRT from Taft Avenue to Quezon Avenue then ride a jeepney to Commonwealth and from there walk going to PNRI building. So I think I'm set for my Urban Adventure.

On my first day, since my uncle knew that its my first time commuting, he sent one of this trusted friend to accompany me and teach me the things I need to know when riding an MRT. Luckily, my uncle's place is just a walking distance from an LRT that intersects with an MRT station. Then the LRT train arrived at Gil Puyat Station and the people started coming out from the train. After everyone was out my uncle's friend lead me the way to ride when suddenly, the doors close without him in it.

I was alone in the train, my guide was left in the platform. And I don't have his cell phone number! The other passengers jokingly teased me because I was alone. (all I could think of was, WTF! how do I know what station to stop) So I calmed myself and remembered the things I've read on where I should be riding the MRT. TAFT AVENUE. That's all I remembered. Then I saw the route of the LRT, and traced where I was coming and knew that I need to go down on the second stop. At Taft Avenue LRT station I decided to wait for my guide. They say the train has a 15 minutes travel gap. 15 minutes isn't that long to way. The next LRT arrived and even with the crowd, I was able to spot my guide.

He lead the way for the MRT Station which is connected by foot bridge. We lined to buy the ticket and taught me where and how to place it on the entrance. And from there I was left to travel alone.

With that incident, I knew that life in the big city is different from the life I've lived in the Island. Everything is fast pace and everyone is always fighting for a seat in the MRT (hahaha, you'll even experience being pushed around, especially when you're line in an all women cabin compared to the cabin that is mixed with men!).

The jeepney ride wasn't a stress since there is always a line, its the traffic that could be draining.

This was my everyday commute for five days and the experience was liberating. I never thought I could survive such fast pace life, but I did. I also got to familiarize the places and cities and I can conclude that there is a lesser chance for me to be lost in the big city. It was one hell of an Urban Adventure and I wished to experience in a bigger city again...

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  1. Mark Benson Says:

    Just imagine how many activities one can perform in this beautiful city whether he has taken cheap flights to Manila for business purposes or he has come here for spending an outstanding holiday trip. This amazing Philippines destination gives out many opportunities for the travellers to fully explore the vast number of attractions.

  2. Henry Says:

    The best City for me! Good for business and trade. Entertainment and shopping is more fun in Manila. I just love this city.