Happy Birthday to My Angel!

Happy Birthday to My Angel!

Twenty Nine years ago, a person who was destined to meet me after twenty one years after he was born. The person who would later become a very good friend, a mentor and a confidant. He have seen my ups and my downs, he knows my weaknesses and my strength and best of all he accepted me for who I am.

He is my pillar when I feel weak. And he taught me to be strong. He supported me in my dreams and he is there to catch me if I fail. He is my family when I am lonely and sick. He made me feel how it is to love and be loved back. He is my strength. He is my angel sent from above.

The life I've spent with him was never a bed of roses. But none of it I've regret because it made me become a better person and help me appreciate life as it is.

Thank you so much for everything that you've done for me Angel. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you. 'Till our hairs are white and our teeth are lost. Love you so much Angel, and may you enjoy your birthday!

Love you Raymond Lazaro, till death do us part!

(bleeeeeehhhh you have no choice! bwahahahaa)

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