Camiguin Day Tour (Day 2)

Camiguin Day Tour (Day 2)

I woke up early to catch the blue hour (term used by photographers before the sun rises, but I'm not a photographer just a photography enthusiast) at the beach. Then our day started with our home cooked breakfast courtesy of our host cooking the dried squid we bought yesterday during our stroll.

Our vehicle for the day tour arrived and we have to bid good bye to our first home in Camiguin. We brought all our things and carried it with us for the rest of the trip (you don't have to worry leaving it with the driver because they'll offer to look out for it without extra charge).

We started with the old Vulcan, that has the 14 stations of the cross on its path, the top most would give you a better view of the sunken cementary and the open sea. Though on the 12th station we decided to go back since it was starting to drizzle and the thick clouds was beginning to hover above the peak.

Then we proceed to check the sunken cemetery. It was still drizzling and we chose not to go down the beach to get a lower view of the cemetery and we only took photos in the viewing deck.

We dropped by the Old church that was destroyed when the Old Vulcan erupted way back. The walls of the Old Church was there but the church itself was destroyed.

A small chapel was built in the middle of the ruins and the back of the church was filled with green grass, we stayed longer because it was a nice scene for some picture.

The sun was already above our head and we already felt the humidity rising. Good thing, we are already at the Soda Spring. It was a cold spring and the cool temperature was so refreshing and just in time to freshen us up.

After a quick dip, we went to Sto Nino spring. This time we opted not to take a bath since the first spring was enough to freshen us and the ambiance of this second resort is not that appealing. So we just waited for our lunch to be ready before we set to visit another site.

The next place is the Katibawasan falls. It was too far from the remaining spots because it is in the mountains of Camiguin. But the travel was worth it. The falls was tall and you can take a lot of different perspective. The water was very inviting, very clear but it was too cold when I attempted to take a dip.

Next stop was at Ardent Hot Spring. This time I took a dip in the hot water in the first pool (some say that there is another pool which is more hotter). But I think the water was just slightly hot to look warm. Nothing beats the Mambukal hot spring when it comes to hotness of the water.

After our ardent adventure we went to our second accommodation in Camiguin where we were originally booked, the Gamorot cottages.

This time, the place doesn't have a shoreline where we can stroll but a known Resort (Paras Resort) has a break water that is open to non-guest. We also decided to eat our dinner in Paras al fresco. Though the food is not worth the price we've paid.

Our second day at Camiguin ended.

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