The Virgin Mary of Simala

The Virgin Mary of Simala

The Virgin Mary of Simala has been known to almost everyone how sacred and miraculous it is. A lot of people would flock there on the weekends to offer their prayers and petitions. I was not exempted from this. Before I took the board exams, I made sure that I'll find time, even if I was busy reviewing, to visit Simala. Together with my friends from college, we visited the Virgin Mary to ask her help and guidance as we take the board exam.

Our prayers were granted and we got to visit the place again to give thanks. But that has been 4 years ago. And that was the last time I've visited Simala. Then just recently, I wanted to visit Mama Mary of Simala. One weekend, we went there by riding a bus and a tricycle.

It was nice to be back here. The place was improved, it got bigger and airy. And the place was orderly, peaceful and you can really feel that you are at peace with yourself.

Getting here has been very accessible. Van for hires, bus, motorcycle and tricycles are available for your convenience and parking lot for private vehicle are also there. After the trip you can drop by beaches and resorts before going back to the city.

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2 Responses
  1. fetus Says:

    wow cool clear shots you got here. :)

  2. Yenyen Says:

    thanks fetus... just in the mood to take those pics...hehehehe