Mt. Apo Peak to Kapatagan (Day 3)

Mt. Apo Peak to Kapatagan (Day 3)

We rise early to catch the sunrise. Wondered how it looks like when you are on top of Philippines' Highest mountain. I wasn't able to bring a hike sandals so I was left trailing the peak with my city sandals, it was slippery and have slipped a lot of times, got pinched by some thorny bushes on the way too. But everything was worth it. Another splendid scenery right in front of me. Clouds was below us, and the other mountains looks so small. We are indeed at the top of the highest mountain.

On our way back to camp, we stayed longer to pick some wild berries. Another delicious treat from the mountain. We prepared our meal, this time it was my turn to cook pasta for our breakfast. My first time to cook with fewer ingredients and I was reminded not to be choosy because I am not in the city. So there goes our breakfast together with other served meals and coffee. When the sun was high, and some of our clothes have dried, we packed and start hiking. This time, taking the Kapatagan Trail.

We passed the volcano's crater (actually Mt. Apo is a volcano). Then the boulders, with sulfur vents. It doesn't smell good. It's like sew water and the fume is very strong . Then my knees started to swell. I have been having problems with my knees before the climb, good thing I brought my knee pads to assist me. It was a descend so a lot of pressure was given on my knees. I thought I couldn't make it. But I can't be weak in this part of the climb, because everyone else was having a hard time dealing with all the boulders and a cry baby is not necessary. So I continued then after the boulders, I have to stop and transfer my knee pads on the other knee to minimize the pain. Then we started descending again on a slippery trail with dried leaves on the floor and mud. Most of the time, I slide through this trail just to minimize adding pressure on my knees. Then we crossed the river and entered Godi-Godi.

Another majestic forest. The temperature was cool and it was misty. Then we stopped to take our lunch at Godi-Godi Camp. I also got the chance to take my pain reliever to help my aching knees.

Unfortunately the place was dirty and trash were littered everywhere. The previous climbers failed to bring there trash with them. So we decided not to spend the night here and started hiking to reach the village before night.

I've trekked, slide, climbed over and climbed under big trees. Crossed rivers and got pricked by thorny bushes. Then the forest ended. Then a muddy trail started to appear. At first I thought that this is only for a few meters, but I was wrong. It was mud until the trail ends at the village. Lemme count the number of times I fall on my butt... hmmmmmmmmm I can't! I've fallen a dozen times already, my butt was starting to hurt. And I cursed the trail. I hate the mud but that made me forget my aching knees. Because all I was thinking about was to reach the village and get this mud done.

Then we met a horse and its tender and he told us that the village is near. I started to worry because I can't see any of my group, there was only three of us in the lead pack. 2 of our guides and me. I can't hear their footsteps and no lights from there headlamps (it was almost dark during this time) and I was afraid that they were lost. I have to admit, I didn't mind if someone was behind me during the trek, because I was too focus to finish the muddy trail.

We arrived in the village and we were offered water to clean ourselves. We washed ourselves and waited for the rest to arrive. For almost 2 hours of waiting, we saw signs of lights coming from the muddy trail. And we know that it is them. They've made it. after everyone has finished washing there selves, we started to cook for dinner. Another socials. No pressure anymore, the trail going back to the city is not that hard, and transportation is available at the foot of the mountain.

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