From CDO to Camiguin (Day 1)

From CDO to Camiguin (Day 1)

One advantage of seat sale is we are given an opportunity to travel and explore different places. The last seat sale brought me to Boracay, this time we are heading to Cagayan de Oro.

Our plan, to experience white water rafting and explore the Islands of Camiguin. After arriving at CDO airport, we planned to go directly to Camiguin via Agora terminal and rode a bus for approximately 3 hours to Balingoan Wharf. From there, the wharf was only walking distance, so if you plan to visit Camiguin, ignore the tricycle drivers offering you a ride to the pier and start walking and appreciating the countryside.

The schedule of ferry is not really consistent so to pass our time for the ferry to depart, we took pictures and just relaxed in our seats. It could also be a time for you to mingle with fellow travelers and ask them to join you on the multicab (which cost 1500 pesos for a day tour) to cut the expenses. Which is what I did, since there was only me and my husband who occupies the 10-12 person capacity cab. But unfortunately, there was a few tourist and most have already booked their transportation.

When we arrived, we took a van for hire (P 50 pax) then rode a tricycle (P 10 pax) to the place we were suppose to stay. But we were brought to a different place with almost the same name, though we didn't know about this until we were able to contact the person who booked our room (there was no signal for sun network and we have to use the caretaker's mobile phone, because we haven't brought an extra sim for emergency).

But we opted to spend the night at Gamorot residence for a discounted price and we were the only occupants at that time. Then the following day we transferred at Gamorot Cottages. The nice thing about the first place was the shoreline. Even if it wasn't white sand, but you got to enjoy early morning walk at the beach. But the lather has cheaper rates and a much bigger place that can accommodate a whole family or barkada.

We opted to spend the day exploring the place and the community. We dined in the only foodshoppe in Barangay Yumbing that is budget friendly. We made a trip to the rice field and just simply refusing to take a ride with any transportation and enjoyed strolling.

After getting a glimpse of the sunset, which is really not the right angle at the place we've stayed, we retreated to our room and spent the night watching television. It was a long day for us, and we know tomorrow would be longer because its scheduled for our day tour in the Island.

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