Thank you for my Camotes Experience

Thank you for my Camotes Experience

I have heard a lot about Camotes Island and have seen a lot of wonderful pictures too. Been waiting for this time to experience Camotes Island first hand. So I would like to extend my thank you to the ODS (online Data Service) Team and friends for allowing me to join them on their outing. Especially to Almyr (he manages this site, meaning site manager? hahaha) for the invitation. Thank you for the warm accommodation, Ice, Noldsman, Benj, Val, Lord Philip, Wendell, Allyson wifey and kids, Richard and wife, Junele, Miss Ella and her hubby. And thank you to my hubby for allowing me to join this trip. :D

It was great to be with you, I enjoyed the trip and I had fun. You guys rock!
Till next time!!!

And here's the cast and crew of the outing:

ALMYR - Vain 1 (site manager, hahahaha lol)



ICE - ang payter!

BENJ - the poser (natural ra kaau, mura ug candid ang mga pics, dli di), daogan sad sa poker

ALLYSON - our guide (thank you for the very nice accommodation, naghuwat ra permi sa food na i-serve.. hehehe)

JUNELLE - the poker dealer

RICHARD AND WIFEY - the newly weds


WENDELL - ni uli sad ug sau kay naa naghuwat... pareha nko.. (where have you been, wla jud lagi ko solo picture nmo)

VAL - silent but deadly sad sa poker kay mo ALL-IN (asta sad ni si val kay wla sad kaau ko picture... )

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3 Responses
  1. wala jud yen kay na busy ko ug atubang ni danessa, atubang ug tagay, nyahahaha, cge lang sa sunod na lang bsin adto sa laing lugar

  2. val Says:

    Thank you too Yen :)

  3. yenyen Says:

    wendell: hehehe mao jud, kamo ra duha nagtagay sa redhorse.. hehehe next time apil unya ko, nndot man jud kaau ang dagat, irresistible kaau... hehehe cge pangkamay nko..
    val: :D till next time.. hehehe tudlo-i unya ko sa domain ha.. thanks daan..