Islets at Mangodlong, Camotes Island

Islets at Mangodlong, Camotes Island

Another interesting place in Camotes Island is Mangodlong Beach Resort. It still boost of same white sand beach that made Camotes famous and with the added attraction of big rocks scattered in the sea topped with small cottages and connected by bamboo made bridges. On those big rocks you'll have a 360 degrees view of the place. Crystal clear blue waters on most part and the white sand on one side.

Corals are also very visible when you're on top of the rocks. And you'll also be tempted to jump from the big rocks where the clear blue water awaits.

The entrance to the place is 15 pesos, it has a small pool mainly for kids because it is only about 3 feet height. I still need to go back to the place to ask for the rate. :D

One cool way to relax and chill out this summer. Good for families and friends.

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  1. wow..nice lagi ang view.. pwd mag anha?