Cold spring of Obong Dalaguete

Cold spring of Obong Dalaguete

A good place to visit this summer to escape the summer's heat is at Obong's Spring in Dalaguete south eastern town of Cebu. It is a cold spring enclosed in a very big pool with an opening in the sea side. It is a fresh cold spring with traces of salt water due to the intrusion of sea water from the open side of the pool. Just the remedy on this very hot summer days.

The water is really cold, you can even dip your beverages in the water to keep it cold. There are also times that school of fish would visit the side of the open pool and would willingly eat the food crumbs floating.During high tide the water would exceed the platform where the tables and chairs are placed. You cant get away from getting your feet dipped in the cold waters.

For those on a road trip, its a nice quick stop since parking area is bountiful though you have to pay for parking but it doesn't cost much. There is also an entrance fee for a minimal amount too. And in case you failed to bring foods with you, sari-sari store are accessible to the area and food are sold in the vicinity.

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    Can you camp within the vicinity?