The KAMPANARYO - Boljoon Part I

The KAMPANARYO - Boljoon Part I

To complete our visit in Boljoon town, we visited the plaza, the old church and the kampanaryo. Unfortunately when we arrived at the town proper the Boljoon Parish Museum was already closed for lunch break. But never the least we were able to enjoyed our quick tour of the town.

The kampanaryo provided us an excellent place to conduct an impromptu photo-shoot. We got good ambient light from the wooden stairs with the added view of the intricate design of the handles of their stair case. On the top, we were greeted by black birds whose name i can't properly pronounce but quickly fled when they notice our arrival.

The bell tower provided us the view of Boljoon from the top. We had a 360 view of the town, from the church, the plaza, the surrounding mountains and the blue sea. It was a refreshing view to see Boljoon this way.

On our way out we notice a vacant room and the bell man told us it was a prison during the Spanish era. It looks scary, and you can just imagine the people who were jailed here. It has tall windows that only a few light can pass and it would really isolate you from the world outside. So enough for scaring ourselves, we move to the church and the plaza.

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