Luche and Pipot's Engagement Shot

Luche and Pipot's Engagement Shot

I was busy during the weekend for a friend's engagement shot. They have been dating for more than seven years, if I remember that right. And they just got engage last month. She is my closest childhood friend and yes we grew up together. So I was thrill to hear the news and knowing that an opportunity to take this shoot and hopefully their wedding is on its way. And that means declining the matron of honor role for me.

It was a whole day activity that started so early in the morning to catch the rising sun. Our first location was at their private resort in Carmen with me and my angel as the official photographer. This is officially our first engagement shoot. So before heading back to the next destination, we have a quick dip in the sea that has been very calm and welcoming.

Next stop was at St Agustin Church in Danao, at the new Paknaan Bridge and at North Reclamation Area. After our lunch at Parkmall, we headed to the mountainous side of Cebu. They want to have an overview of the city but instead of taking them to Mountain View Resort, which has an entrance fee for all person coming in, I took them at Chalet. One of the camping site near Mountain View, with no entrance fee. And it does offer a very nice view for our photo shoot. And to end the day, we have our rest at Governor Leyson's peak and ate some sweet corn while savor the scenery.

It was a very tiring day but we really had fun. I'd be sharing some of my photos here but please check the rest of our photos for this shoot at our photosite, The site is still a work in process but I'll try my best to upload all those photos soon.

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