Campensa Peak with My Angel

Campensa Peak with My Angel

It was a two day event that started late in the afternoon hiking to Campensa Peak at Camp 6, Manipis, Toledo. But I opted not to join the group since I have to wait for my Angel to come home from work. I will be bringing him to the camp out and hopefully negotiate to go caving the following day.

So it was only us, riding the motorcycle for almost 30 minutes, to the drop off point in Camp 6 Barangay Hall. It was refreshing to watch the view of the opposite mountain and all the greenery surrounding it. We were traveling the infamous Manipis road, know for narrow streets with cliffs on the side. It was so scary seeing the deep trenches along the way.

In the drop off point we were met by some locals who personally knew our guide and we were instructed to follow the foot path. We started climbing and hiking. It was all footpath, too easy right? Well think again, because the steps are more than a hundred steps and I think it could reach a thousand. We have to rest from time to time because everything seems like a direct assault. Angel trusted me that I will be able to lead him to the campsite before dark. Whew! It was tough because it was also my first time in the area. I don't have any idea if we really can reach the camp site in time.

And as per instruction we followed the footpath even if we are traveling away from the said peak. We were lost and it was already dark. With my not so bright headlamp, we manage to find a shorter route to the peak passing on the side of the hills. And because it was dark, we hardly can't see the path. Then a carabao was on our way, but all I can see was the carabao's eyes glittering from my light. I could still remember Angel's eyes when he saw the animal. He was scared, he can't see well in the dark and he doesn't have a headlamp. But I have to stop myself from giggling since I don't want him to get irritated, not on his first climb.

Thankfully we arrived at the camp site, unscratched and very tired and hungry. We just bought a packed meal to get rid of cooking and preparing for dinner and just have to wait for others to finish preparing their meal. And later the socials started by introducing everyone. And the alcoholic beverages, stories to share started pouring. Unfortunately, I had an early lights off. Though I was just listening to everyone talking outside the tent, since it was hard for me to sleep because of the cold.

I woke up early morning with the fog surrounding the campsite. Later the sun emerge together with a beautiful view of the city from a far. Ate a little to have energy to sustain the downhill climb going back to our jump off point. The rest of the gang have to wait for their ride going to the drop off point to the cave while we are on our way home. Too bad,wasn't able to convince Angel to join in the caving. But at least it was his first camp out. Maybe someday..

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