My Love For Mountains

My Love For Mountains

A lot of people ask me why I enjoy climbing peaks when the inconvenience of hiking for hours, tiring assaults to peak, carrying heavy bags with everything in it for ones survival and the scorching heat of the sun is exhausting. The answer is simple. You can't simply experience these beautiful scenery first hand in your comfort zone, be it in your home, in front of your laptops or even in luxurious resorts. And mind you the scenery you see in pictures are more beautiful when seen by your own eyes.

I have come to admire mother nature at these remote places way back when I was a kid. I used to go with my cousin to their lands in one of the mountainous municipality of Cebu. I could not remember a time that I would hurry in going back to the City. Because I like staying in the mountains. I just love the laid back life, the fresh air and the view of the plains. I would wander alone and I never felt lonely. My stay in the mountains always rejuvenates my spirit.

My connection with nature was lost when I got busy with my studies during my college days. I thought I'm over with my love for nature, like some puppy love that will be forgotten through time. But I was wrong. Because now I'm back and looking for more adventures that allows me to explore the mountains and peaks of Cebu. Now I'm back to what I love most and rekindling the memories that has long been embedded in my heart way back when I was a kid. And I'm up for more adventures in the mountains...

To those who are up with me, don't hesitate to email or message me your inquiries. I can help you find your own adventure..

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